Hi again, let me tell you more about who I am

My full name is Jordyn Gabriel Cartier. I'm 21 years old. I have been following my passion for photography for the past 6 years. I've grown up in one of the smallest towns I have ever known. Living in a small town has helped me learn how to connect with everyone I meet. I do my best to create a trust and friendship between my clients and I. I'm very easy going and down to do just about anything. What you want is what I'll give. Nothing means more to me than the happiness and satisfaction of my clients.

5 Random Facts About Me:

  • Im only 4'11
  • My dog, Finn is my favorite little guy ever. Ask me about him and I'll show you all the pictures
  • I also work as a waitress
  • My favorite food is Steak
  • Being a full-time photographer is my biggest dream

Why Do I Do What I Do?

To most people, photography is just taking pictures. Which, before I started taking photos, that's what I thought too. But it is so much more than that. I don't take pictures just because "it's fun". Which it is, but what the average person doesn't know is how crazy and stressful photography can truly get. But I do it because there is no better feeling than showing a client their photos and having them be so head over heels for them. In a way, you have the power to pause time for just a few seconds. Capturing raw emotion through photos is just an amazing feeling. I want to be the reason someone can always look back on moments in their life and not just remember them, but see them too.

My Style

If I had to describe my style in three words, I would use golden, rich, and timeless. Over the years I have been attracted to two totally different photography styles. Light and airy, and dark and moody. They both catch my attention and I have a strong attraction for both styles. When starting to get serious about photography, and wanting my style to be consistent, I could never decide which direction I wanted to go in. So eventually I decided I would do my best to combine my two favorite styles into one. I love evenly exposed photographs with dark shadows and rich greens. I love whites that aren't too bright and highlights that are just right. I love the warmth of the sun shining through as it brings a little extra beauty to the photograph. I do my best to create photos that are still true to life, but still so different from what we see with our bare eyes.